Platform for SaaS Reviews Awarded NLSQL with 2 Distinctions for Business Intelligence Software

NLSQL’s artificial intelligence-powered software was recently distinguished by FinancesOnline with two prestigious awards in recognition of our app’s great design and efficiency in data procurement and requesting various analysis through natural language.

FinancesOnline is one of the biggest review platforms for business software solutions. With more than 7,000 analysis on various software solutions, FinancesOnline is visited by millions of businesses to find the best possible solution for their operations. This is why we are humbled to have stood out in FinancesOnline’s top business intelligence software category, with NLSQL garnering the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

Great User Experience was awarded to NLSQL as we deliver an impressive and consistent quality user experience. FinancesOnline’s software experts remarked on this aspect in their analysis of NLSQL features, stating that it “revolutionizes the way businesses handle data” and quickly delivers information “on a silver platter”.

With a 100% user satisfaction rating based on FinancesOnline customer satisfaction research, NLSQL garnered the Rising Star award for 2018. This award was given to recognize our positive traction with customers.

NLSQL is proud to have received these awards and glowing praises from FinancesOnline, reaffirming that our technology is effective for helping users easily acquire their data and make informed decisions. It also motivates us to continue improving in near future! Stay tuned!

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