How the NLSQL Cognitive Machine Works for You

In a few years, chatbots will be almost intelligent and understand everything in your database.

They would understand not just what you wanted, but find the right pieces of data, do the necessary calculations, and give you the answer you need.

That sales forecast for Q4 2023 in European markets? No problem. A few seconds, and it’ll spit out the information you need. Faster and more reliable than analysts.

While we’re not there yet in NLSQL, we are getting closer, and what we have right now is pretty powerful if we say so ourselves.

But one day…. we will deliver such a product into your hands.

NLSQL is a new piece of tech which helps people query data from a database using natural language. It allows you to get the numbers you need, without having to write a single piece of code (or knowing how to!). It allows everyone to easily make data-driven decisions, thus increasing productivity and allowing things to happen faster. You can integrate NLSQL with any messaging applications your organization uses, such as Skype, Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc. You can also use the webchat within your webpage.

Picture this: you’re talking numbers with someone else during business negotiations. They throw out a figure and it can change everything about the negotiation. You could quickly ping an analyst and ask them for the necessary figures, however it might take them half an hour to query, compile and analyse the data before they can send it your way. Or you could ping NLSQL, get the price, the turnover, sales, inventory and run the figures yourself. You can be completely confident in the numbers at your fingertips and come to a negotiation result that’s a win for everybody.


Instead of disturbing your colleagues with calls or email, you can quickly post a question to NLSQL the same way you would chat to a co-worker, and after a few seconds you’ll receive the correct information.

How to start?
1. Login to our website.
2. Click on the bot logo on the right bottom corner.
3. Ask the bot about a graph of exports from the USA to your country.
4. Watch videos of how you can work with email verification or USA statistics that’s based on data from
5. Excited and ready to give it a go with your own data? Then just complete the subscription and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Once you decide to give it a go with your own data, just apply for a subscription. Then complete the requested information or give us the contact details of your Information Officer, and we’ll request all the technical info needed to connect NLSQL to your data. It usually only takes a few working days to customize NLSQL to your database.
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