Healthcare BI tool

Healthcare is an industry in transition. Increasing pressure to deliver better care with lower costs is driving healthcare providers to invest in intelligent solutions that will inform their clinical, operational, and financial decisions. An AI-driven enterprise allows healthcare organizations to transform billions of data points into insights that improve the quality of care and ultimately save lives.

NLSQL as a Healthcare BI tool for clinical data provides access to previously poorly accessible resources in order to inform and improve clinical decisions. Much faster & more accurate than the current state-of-the-art.

The success of the future healthcare system will combine sophisticated information collection with better user experience, and the Natural Language User Interface comprises much of this user experience by allowing any healthcare worker to extract necessary information from several data systems used within the hospital using a chat interface, similar to google, but for sophisticated clinical data. One of the key long-term objectives of a clinical information system must include the provision of high-quality clinical data for audit, research and unit management purposes.

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