Business Intelligence Search Setup

As businesses become more complex and competitive, managers and leaders are forced to make more decisions under pressure, often with insufficient or incorrect data. We discovered that decision-making consumes a significant portion of management's timeā€”up to 70%.

The opportunity costs are enormous: for a Fortune 500 corporation, they usually amount to more than half a million days of management time or $250 million in salary per year. What's more worrying is that, amid this huge investment, the majority of respondents to a McKinsey Global Survey said their organisations don't spend their decision-making time effectively.

Empower team members to make decisions by intuitive Business Intelligence tools brings your company saving time and money. The success of future enterprises will combine sophisticated information collection with a better user experience for your company leaders.

If you are a technical or BI expert, you can find a 10 minutes video tutorial on how to set up a Business Intelligence Search for poorly-accessible corporate data to empower your leaders with an intuitive Natural Language interface to support their business decisions.

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