All USA community hospitals have 107,276 ICU beds

All USA Hospitals have 924,107 total of staffed beds. Community hospitals have 792,417 staffed beds, from which only 107,276 Intensive Care Unit ICU beds.

The structure of intensive care beds in community hospitals are the following:
--> 55,663 Medical-Surgical Intensive care Beds,
--> 22,721 Neonatal Intensive Care Beds,
--> 5,115 Pediatric Intensive Care Beds,
--> 1,198 Burn Care Beds,
--> 7,419 Other Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Beds.

Most of the patients have been admitted to the ICU from the Emergency Room.
Also, patients can be transferred to the ICU from the Hospital, Clinic or other referrals.
Usually, patients admitted to ICU have a different diagnosis, procedures received, and medical tests completed. Patients' resistance to antibiotics is also a very important part of medical analysis.

NLSQL helps hospital employees to get requested medic BI analytics from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) system using only Natural Language requests. Hospital supervisors can track patients' flow to the ICU in real-time. Timely detailed data tracking improves planning and makes necessary changes in accordance with the latest information received from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) system.

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