First Text to SQL API service

NLSQL is the first Natural Language Processing to Structured Query Language code API, that can empower company employees with an intuitive text interface for multiple data sources inside the corporate ecosystem for getting real-time data visualization, insights, or detailed excel reports.

Text to SQL converter helps to harness poorly accessible data to inform and speed business decisions with significant benefits for enterprises. Text to SQL API doesn't require any confidential or sensitive data transfer, you can easily customize API based on your needs on our platform using only database schema file.

Successful implementation of sustainable business practices has a direct bearing on innovation. Our approach assumes implementation of the existing technologies (Natural Language Queries) to the new area without disrupting the IT systems used within it.

We've powered NLSQL with informative suggestions during typing and the system is prompted to ask users additional questions if something is not clear enough in the request. This provides the best possible user experience with precise accuracy in responses based on existing data sources.

Text to SQL converter