Retail BI

NLSQL can be used to analyse sales data, customer data, and other types of data relevant to the retail industry. For example, a user could use NLSQL to ask questions like "What are the top 10 selling products?" or "How many customers made a purchase last month?" or “I need stacked bar chart for our revenue by category by countries?” to gain insights into their retail business.


How does NLSQL differ from other BI software?

Most 3rd party BI software works with only one data source. However, most relevant information in businesses comes from multiple sources (for instance the ERP and CRM systems). NLSQL can access multiple data sources at the same time. Additionally, there are speed and scale concerns with other BI programs. NLSQL is designed to search your databases from the bottom up, rather than an alternative BI solution that searches from the top down.

What database types you already have integration?

Our software is officially certified by SAP and available on SAP App Center for installation. Also, we have integrations into most common SQL and some NoSQL database types.