HR Analytics

NLSQL can be a useful tool for HR analytics because it allows non-technical users to easily query and analyze data related to their HR operations. For example, an HR manager could use NLSQL to ask questions about employee turnover rates, performance metrics, or workforce demographics. This could help the HR manager to identify trends and patterns in their data, and make data-driven decisions about their HR strategies and policies.


How should users be trained?

Because NLSQL has an intuitive text interface, almost no user training is required. Users are immediately engaged with NLSQL once they start a conversation with the bot.

Which problems does NLSQL promise to solve?

1. Businesses rely on data insights more and more for effective decisions.
2. Users of such data (business analysts, HR, sales reps etc) often lack programming skills.
3. Getting requested analysis from the database can take a considerable amount of time (up to hours for large enterprises)
4. There are high integration costs for existing data analytics tools. A lot of time has to be spent on user training. Time not being spent on business processes.