Natural Language Interface for SAP

NLSQL has been officially certified by SAP and offers an external API web service that uses natural language to generate SQL queries. This means that even non-technical employees can easily access and analyze data in SAP using natural language, just like asking a colleague for help via Microsoft Teams. With NLSQL, employees can easily get business intelligence insights and drill down into the details of their data, empowering them to make more data-driven decisions and achieve business results faster. Overall, NLSQL makes it easy for everyone in an organization to access and use their SAP data.


Would I need to provide you with direct database access?

There’s no need to provide us with database access. NLSQL can be customized with your database schema and then operates as an external API web service, with Natural Language input and SQL scripts output. For SAP integration NLSQL is already officially certified by SAP and ready to use.

How much money my company will save using NLSQL?

We’ve found that with NLSQL turn-around-time for business decisions can be reduced up to 80%. Development of a Natural Language User Interface is 30 – 60% cheaper vs a standard Graphical User Interface.