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What is the difference between Cognitive RPA and BI?

Business intelligence (BI) includes software frameworks (e.g. instruments, apps, best practices, methodologies) that empower corporate managers to make optimized operational choices, create informed policies and tactics, and promote enhanced efficiency. Dating back to the 1980s, this concept relates to trends and perspectives obtained when big information volumes are collected, analyzed and visualized for company decision-makers and end-users from the different operating systems and databases of a company. The Global Business Intelligence (BI) market is anticipated to expand from $15.64 billion in 2016 to $29.48 billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 11.1 percent, according to Statistics MRC. Which means a lot of money is invested in hiring analysts, business intelligence professionals, and BI tools implementation worldwide. The most popular BI tools are Power BI and Tableau from Microsoft and Salesforce accordingly. Both tools require massive training and understanding the data structure for further use.

Some firms or company leaders may …

Certified Cognitive RPA by SAP

NLSQL has been officially certified by SAP

Our NLSQL software works alongside Business Object reporting with a simple and intuitive text interface. It allows a non-technical user to get Business Intelligence insights using only Natural Language.

We’re proud to announce that NLSQL software has now been officially certified by SAP and released on the SAP App Center. It was important for us to have SAP recognize NLSQL software as 100% correctly compatible with SAP. We’re also the first company to provide a Natural Language Interface for SAP.

We won’t lie, it was a tough journey, but once we got certification most of our challenges disappeared. We’re confident that our users can now chat with SAP just like they would with a colleague, and save much of their precious time.

Natural Language User Interface


We’ve got funded by German Federal Ministry!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be diving deeper into the healthcare sector with funding from the German Federal Ministry.

By partnering with Clinomic GmbH, we can co-ordinate building a Natural Language User Interface for ICU databases in the German healthcare sector. It will help hospital staff get quick and easy access to medical data using only Natural Language with a simple and intuitive text interface.

Medical staff take care of the most important thing in life—human life! We’ve all had to deal with the illness of friends or loved ones. The actions and decisions of these brave medical personnel goes far beyond the lives of the patients, but that of an entire family. It isn’t a job they can resign from—once you’re a doctor, you’re always a doctor, regardless of any circumstances.

We feel a personal duty to help these tireless professionals and help make their jobs a little …

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Natural Language Interface to SAP

Day by day businesses are relying on data driven insights more to make effective business decisions.

To do this, different ERP and CRM systems collect millions of terabytes of business records every day.
One of the largest software suppliers in the world is SAP company, with 12 million users, 121000 installations worldwide with more than 1500 SAP Partners.

We’re pleased to say that in February 2019, NLSQL became one of these 1500 SAP Partners with an integrated solution to the SAP database.

We live in a world, where to find any answer you need, you just need to type your question in Google.

Well, the same is now possible with SAP using NLSQL Software!

Just type your request in Natural Language, and you’ll get information from SAP quickly and easily.

Looking for a graph based on SAP data? No problem. Just ask with Natural Language.

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SAP S/4HANA demo video

Platform for SaaS Reviews Awarded NLSQL with 2 Distinctions for Business Intelligence Software

NLSQL’s artificial intelligence-powered software was recently distinguished by FinancesOnline with two prestigious awards in recognition of our app’s great design and efficiency in data procurement and requesting various analysis through natural language.

FinancesOnline is one of the biggest review platforms for business software solutions. With more than 7,000 analysis on various software solutions, FinancesOnline is visited by millions of businesses to find the best possible solution for their operations. This is why we are humbled to have stood out in FinancesOnline’s top business intelligence software category, with NLSQL garnering the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

Great User Experience was awarded to NLSQL as we deliver an impressive and consistent quality user experience. FinancesOnline’s software experts remarked on this aspect in their analysis of NLSQL features, stating that it “revolutionizes the way businesses handle data” and quickly delivers information “on a silver platter”.

With a 100% user …

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