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Healthcare BI tool

Healthcare is an industry in transition. Increasing pressure to deliver better care with lower costs is driving healthcare providers to invest in intelligent solutions that will inform their clinical, operational, and financial decisions. An AI-driven enterprise allows healthcare organizations to transform billions of data points into insights that improve the quality of care and ultimately save lives.

NLSQL as a Healthcare BI tool for clinical data provides access to previously poorly accessible resources in order to inform and improve clinical decisions. Much faster & more accurate than the current state-of-the-art.

The success of the future healthcare system will combine sophisticated information collection with better user experience, and the Natural Language User Interface comprises much of this user experience by allowing any healthcare worker to extract necessary information from several data systems used within the hospital using a chat interface, similar to google, but for sophisticated clinical data. One of the …

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UK National Data Strategy

The UK government just published a National Data Strategy, which would be a focus for worldwide development in the nearest future.

National Data Strategy looks at how we can leverage existing UK strengths to boost the better use of data across businesses, government, civil society and individuals.

Having left the European Union, the UK government take advantage of being an independent, sovereign nation to maximise those strengths and position the UK internationally to influence the global approach to data sharing and use.

Better use of data can help organisations of every kind succeed – across the public, private and third sectors. It can support the delivery of existing services, from manufacturing to logistics, and it can be used to create entirely new products.

It is a driver of scientific and technological innovation, and central to the delivery of a whole range of vital public services and societal goals, from tackling …

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Create Azure Search App For Files

This is a quick demonstration of unstructured files search App powered with Azure Search Engine.

Using NLSQL you can provide your employees with both intuitive data search across corporate databases, as well as unstructured files search in the corporate ecosystem. Anyone can search for any file needed to complete their work instantly. You can find any PDF, Microsoft Office files, or even picture files.

OCR feature works really great so you can feel free to search pictures or pdf files based on their content. The front-end application is fully customized as per real business needs.

Putting more knowledge at the fingertips of front-end employees means they can do what is most valuable: analyzing insights and making more proper decisions, which drives businesses forward faster.

This has led to a new wave of AI-powered digital transformation with knowledge mining at its heart-- empowering organizations to harness this wide variety of content …

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Summary For Harvard Business Review Research: THE NEW DECISION MAKERS

Front-line workers are employees who are the first point of contact between organizations and their customers or who work in a company’s product or service operations. These include salesclerks, nurses, flight attendants, maintenance workers, electricians, store managers, service technicians, field salespeople, and even more.

According to the Harvard Business Review research, business executives say their organization will be more successful when front-line workers are empowered. The challenge is to empower workers in a way that creates both free agency for them and proper controls for the organization. 86% of respondents say that front-line workers need better technology-enabled insight to be able to make good decisions at the moment. Only one-fifth of organizations in the survey have workers who are both empowered and digitally well equipped to succeed in this way.

Leaders are more than twice as likely as laggards to say a data-driven culture is a critical part of their …

HBR Research Report


How to deploy NLSQL in a 30 minutes using Azure Web App with Docker Compose

What comes as a surprise to many executives is how expensive and complicated the software integration process can be.

The global system integration (SI) market is expected to hit nearly $530 billion by 2025 according to a recent study by California-based market research and consulting firm Grand View Research.

Implementing a modernized, cloud-platform B2B infrastructure provides multiple benefits and will move businesses into a state that is ready for the future. Ultimately, with personalized and streamlined ways to integrate modern environments with traditional infrastructure, what systems integration software/system integration solutions look like to solve is every single business problem.

NLSQL provides enterprises a powerful search engine for corporate numbers and has state of the art integration process using Microsoft Azure, Docker, and Git. Combination of Azure Web App service, Docker, and Git Hub provides us the possibility to deploy required NLSQL Bot Application into Enterprise ecosystem within 30 minutes based …

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