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Natural Language Interface to SAP

Day by day businesses are relying on data driven insights more to make effective business decisions.

To do this, different ERP and CRM systems collect millions of terabytes of business records every day.
One of the largest software suppliers in the world is SAP company, with 12 million users, 121000 installations worldwide with more than 1500 SAP Partners.

We’re pleased to say that in February 2019, NLSQL became one of these 1500 SAP Partners with an integrated solution to the SAP database.

We live in a world, where to find any answer you need, you just need to type your question in Google.

Well, the same is now possible with SAP using NLSQL Software!

Just type your request in Natural Language, and you’ll get information from SAP quickly and easily.

Looking for a graph based on SAP data? No problem. Just ask with Natural Language.

Look at the video on …

SAP S/4HANA demo video

Platform for SaaS Reviews Awarded NLSQL with 2 Distinctions for Business Intelligence Software

NLSQL’s artificial intelligence-powered software was recently distinguished by FinancesOnline with two prestigious awards in recognition of our app’s great design and efficiency in data procurement and requesting various analysis through natural language.

FinancesOnline is one of the biggest review platforms for business software solutions. With more than 7,000 analysis on various software solutions, FinancesOnline is visited by millions of businesses to find the best possible solution for their operations. This is why we are humbled to have stood out in FinancesOnline’s top business intelligence software category, with NLSQL garnering the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

Great User Experience was awarded to NLSQL as we deliver an impressive and consistent quality user experience. FinancesOnline’s software experts remarked on this aspect in their analysis of NLSQL features, stating that it “revolutionizes the way businesses handle data” and quickly delivers information “on a silver platter”.

With a 100% user …

NLSQL features
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AI chat with your database

Here is a short video about how Artificial Intelligence chatbot NLSQL can help people to automate the business process by querying your database using only natural language and save a lot of time.
NLSQL chatbot takes over your business data — you focus on your business strategy.

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NLSQL Artificial Intelligence RPA Tool For Your Business

Allow anyone to easily make data-driven decisions, increasing productivity and driving businesses forward faster.
Watch the video in order to get the idea where NLSQL Artificial Intelligence be useful in your business

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NLSQL Natutal Language to SQL Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

1-minute video how NLP transforms to SQL and request from database calculated results.

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