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Service for generation of Interview Questions to ask candidates

Interviewers are searching for individuals who are focused and mature, who have a good understanding of the company's work and the employment criteria. They are looking for employees that are cooperative, organized, hardworking, and can solve problems.

To put it another way, the interviewer wants to know why you should be hired. As a result, it's critical to arrive at your interview as prepared as possible. Here are some tips to help you improve your interviewing abilities.
• Investigate the company, industry, and position.
Read daily news articles to remain up to date on industry news. Use LinkedIn to locate alumni to contact. Attend any networking and information sessions offered by the employer, or chat with someone who works there, to raise your profile.
• Analyze your CV
Be ready to talk about anything on your CV. Concentrate your comments on how they pertain to the position you're interviewing for. …

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NLSQL Business Partner Program

We are happy to announce our partnership program for companies and individuals.

We are open to cooperation with independent individuals, who can help management teams to check existing Power BI and Tableau dashboards usage by frontline employees.

Low data engagement by frontline employees caused by usage complexity and not relevant information provided.

We are here for help to empower front line employees with intuitive access to company information for proper business decisions and next negotiations level with customers and suppliers.

Apply for our partnership program if you have an idea of how to solve this pain for companies you deal with!

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All USA community hospitals have 107,276 ICU beds

All USA Hospitals have 924,107 total of staffed beds. Community hospitals have 792,417 staffed beds, from which only 107,276 Intensive Care Unit ICU beds.

The structure of intensive care beds in community hospitals are the following:
--> 55,663 Medical-Surgical Intensive care Beds,
--> 22,721 Neonatal Intensive Care Beds,
--> 5,115 Pediatric Intensive Care Beds,
--> 1,198 Burn Care Beds,
--> 7,419 Other Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Beds.

Most of the patients have been admitted to the ICU from the Emergency Room.
Also, patients can be transferred to the ICU from the Hospital, Clinic or other referrals.
Usually, patients admitted to ICU have a different diagnosis, procedures received, and medical tests completed. Patients' resistance to antibiotics is also a very important part of medical analysis.

NLSQL helps hospital employees to get requested medic BI analytics from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) system using only Natural Language requests. Hospital supervisors can track …

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8 Steps for Crisis Management Plan

In the nearest future, worldwide economies will face one of the most powerful financial crises since 2008. There are a lot of reasons for it, but the root cause is coronavirus covid-19.
One country after another is demanding that its citizens shun society, which will cause consumer expenses, investments, and international trade and transportation huge decrease.
The decrease in the abovementioned expenses will push the gross domestic product down as well as global wealth.

During the crisis, the company's turnover tends to decrease faster than expenses. The biggest mistake that we can make now is to pretend that nothing is happening, continue to work as they usually, do not change anything, close yourself in your home and try to live as before.

In some sense, business is a reflection of biology. As Charles Darwin once noted, those who survived and evolved are not the strongest or the smartest, but those …

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NLSQL for SAP Business One

NLSQL Team was participating in SAP Hackathon at SMB Innovation Summit in Palma.
For this hackathon, our team developed an innovative prototype, which was deployed on SAP Cloud Platform and was integrated into SAP Business One using Loosely Coupled Architecture principles without access to the back-end system. The prototype was built and integrated into SAP b1 from scratch for 7 hours.

SAP Business One prototype Demo

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